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Clinical Studies

Mayo Clinic Study - QuickChanges Are 100% Clinically Successful In Preventing Pressure Injuries

[Excerpted from study:]

A review of the Mayo Clinic Phoenix's Hospital Acquired Pressure Injury (HAPI) data from January to early May 2018 demonstrated 3 mucosal pressure injury (MPRI) related to (r/t) the use of indwelling urinary catheter (IUC) and 9 HAPI r/t urinary incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD).

30 male incontinent patients who needed urinary containment were observed. 21 patients were put on QuickChanges, 4 had adult BWAP, and 3 had external containment devices, 2 with IUC. Zero (0%) of the 21 patients with penile disposable absorbent wrap developed any HAPI or urinary IAD. 7 of the patients who did not utilize the penile disposable absorbent developed HAPI from incontinence while the 2 patients who utilized IUC developed MPRI.

[End Excerpt]

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Let's be honest - it's hard to find worthwhile study subjects that haven't already been done and to get published, whether in a journal or the local chapter of your association

As a new product category, there is very little by the way of clinical studies on incontinence wraps and this means that there is a huge potential for some basic, low level studies to be easily performed and published. Whether a study tied to a specific setting (facility/unit) or to a specific condition, there is a huge opportunity for find a worthwhile study. We have outlined some ideas below.

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Topic Setting Observational/Clinical
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Staff satisfaction
  • IAD
  • MASD
  • Pressure injuries
  • Time saved in using wraps
  • Labor efforts reduced
  • Reduction in back injuries
  • Comparison between wraps and catheters
  • Comparison between wraps and briefs
  • Acute care
  • Post acute care
  • Long term care
  • Veterans Affairs
  • Home care
  • Hospice
  • Developmentally disabled
  • Single case report
  • Case series
  • Prognostic
  • Anecdotal recounting
  • Clinical Matter
  • Cohort
  • Random Controlled Trial
  • Treatment Research
  • Prevention Research

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